Project: Nine Chalices of Blood

Title: Nine Chalices of Blood

Genre: Supernatural mystery, or rather, farce.

Status: Trunked, staying in first draft.

Date last updated:  November 2005.

Blurb:  This was my first shot at writing a novel in 30 days.  The result is an attempt at a serious supernatural whodunnit that mysteriously morphed into a farce.

Lydia Spencer – Lydia is a middle aged Wiccan schoolteacher who is arrested for killing a man in a ritual murder.  Once cleared, she pursues the investigation until she reaches the surprising conclusion.

Cora Jones – Lydia’s best friend, Cora has a little more wildness in her.  She is more assertive and utterly devoted to Lydia’s defense.  She, too, is a Wiccan, and is much more into what she sees as the feminism in the religion.

Detective Thomas Walters – Walters is the lead investigator in the murder, which over time, becomes more and more unusual.  Vampires can’t really be involved, can they?  Nonsense.  Walters doesn’t believe in vampires, so he seeks a more logical solution.

Aaron Sharpe – Sharpe is a private eye investigating the case because . . . it interests him.  Yep, that’s right, in this novel, private investigators aren’t hired, they just follow their interest.  And Sharpe’s interest runs to this case with its bizarre, supernatural twists.  Unlike Walters, he is quite willing to believe vampires exist, and that might be Lydia’s only true defense.

Struggles with this project:
I currently have no struggles.  I’m hoping to eventually provide it at Amazon for .99 or less to showcase what a “horrendous first draft” really looks like.  My goal is to reassure budding authors and poke fun at myself. But it won’t work if I don’t have something real published before that.

What I’ve learned from this project:
The biggest thing I learned from this project is that I can finish first drafts.  That was huge, because up until then, I just started novels and then abandoned them around chapter eight.  Since then, I’ve finished every single first draft I’ve started, with the exception of Kervinie’s Story, which I’m currently working on.

Anything else interesting about this project:
I’m completely rewriting it with Cipher’s Story.  Cipher’s Story looks almost nothing like Nine Chalices of Blood.  None of the same characters are in the new book, the setting is completely different, and even the plot only contains a slight glimmer of the original.  And yet, Cipher’s Story would not exist without Nine Chalices of Blood.

Last modified on June 1, 2011