Project: Mahaut’s Story

Working Title: Mahaut’s Story

Genre: Dark Literary Fairy Tale

Status: Backburner

Subject to a curse on a mirror, a woman, her former lover, and her new stepdaughter slowly morph into archetypes from the land of Fairy. Can Mahaut regain her sanity and protect her step-daughter from the evil prince?

Mahaut – Mahaut is a tapestry maker who gives up passion for an artist for the security that will allow her to pursue her art, her other passion.

Alric – The artist Mahaut left, he is jealous and angry, and he lashes out in anger, wanting to control her.

Isobel – The daughter of the man Mahaut marries, she develops an attraction for Mahaut, while beginning to have hallucinations of strange winter creatures who vow to protect her.

Struggles I’m having with this project:
I want to revise it, but I keep getting bogged down in details. I started Holly Lisle’s class, How To Revise Your Novel with this project, but never even made it through the first week. Now, I’m considering continuing with Kervinie’s Story as the one I revise, rather than this one.

What I’ve learned from this project:
The biggest thing I learned from this project is that even with a shifting first person point of view, I cannot afford to keep to a strict rotation of characters. I have to make sure the story progresses with each scene, and that each scene adds something to the plot, the characters, or the theme.

Anything else interesting about this project:
When I started this book, I did not have any true antagonist. That freed me to explore the ways that each character was warped by their situations without making any of them “to blame.” That is no longer the case, because I realized I was doing too many other things “outside the grain,” to allow me to go in that direction. But it’s something I plan to return to.

Last modified on June 3, 2011