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I deleted my last post. I didn’t know it was here, and in the meantime, I wrote another post essentially saying the same thing. I like the new one better, so here it is:

Welcome back!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted regularly, and I have decided to start again. I’m going to at least try to be less obsessive about commenting and responding so that the blog doesn’t take up ALL of my free time (which is why I stopped using it).

I’ve also decided to become more focused. I will still write about my process in writing, and I will still review books. Eventually, as I gather an audience, I expect that the focus may broaden a little based on reader comments. But for now, I’m going to talk about one of the main things that link all of my books and stories: gender.

I am a feminist, and while I know that men and women are different, I do not believe they are as different as traditional media portrays. I also don’t believe that they are as stereotypical as traditional media portrays. For example, I have yet to meet a man as “piggish” as the men we see on sitcoms or hear about on the radio. I’m sick of these portryals. I think they harm everyone who encounters them, particularly children.

So, when I talk about my writing process, I’m going to talk about my struggles and solutions regarding gender. When I do book reviews, while I will also talk about plot, characters, and other issues, I will talk about how that book dealt with gender. And I will have other entries that are more philosophical or theoretical in nature, but I should warn you that I have taken very few “women’s studies” classes. Therefore, most of these entries will be based on my own experience.

One last caveat: my books, that is my fictional books, are not thinly disguised non-fiction message-books about gender. Gender is one of the things I consider when I write, yes, and it’s often one of the parts of the initial “what if”, but they are stories first. Just like the novels I will review.

I’ll see you at the next entry. Until then, continue to be yourself.

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