I – The Magician

Posted by on January 30, 2018

Welcome to the January Storytime Blog Hop!

This is the first clean version of the second installment in my Tarot flash fiction collection, posted for the January 2018 blog hop.  It’s longer than I want, so I am planning on trimming it considerably before I’m completely satisfied, but I consider this version still worth sharing.  Hope you enjoy it and the other stories in the blog hop!

Without further ado, I present:

I – The Magician

The first time I jump, I fall into darkness. Then I wake up. The ground is hard, but I don’t feel bruised, so I don’t know how I got there. It is dark, but off in the distance, I see a bright light. I feel the dirt below me and hear drips. I stand, shaky, and test out my legs. I feel young and alive. I walk toward the light, letting my eyes adjust, but when I exit, it is still a shock. The sun is overhead, but seems to be all around, and yet somewhat filtered by tall trees, both hardwoods and evergreens. When I turn around, the cave is gone, just the edge of a mountain rising behind me, and no door or other entrance. But I’m used to that by now, and suddenly, I want to do something.

All this time I have been following, being guided, but now it’s time for me to act, not merely react. Even though I don’t know where I am, I see a clearing in the distance and head that way. The clearing is unusual because there is a table in the middle, but no one around. On the table are various tools I have never seen before. A shining brass plate inscribed with leaves. A silver chalice filled with some kind of sparkling liquid. Along the top edge lies a curved sword. And right in front of me a golden stick with two gems, one on each end. I pick it up.

I like the heft of it in my hand. One end is blue and the other red, but as I watch, the colors swirl and change. Yes. I can do something with this. I can make something. But first, I need to stake my claim on this place, so I set it down again, and pick up the sword. With the sword, I draw a circle in the dirt around the table, and then a star. I don’t remember my name, but I know I came from the stars, so I make it my signature.

I want to create life, a plant, a tree to grow in this clearing long after I am gone. One that will greet anyone else who comes out of that cave. Back at the table, or perhaps altar is a better word, I pick up the wand with the glowing tips. I raise it to the sky, pointing the other end down toward the brass plate. I feel the sunlight hit the tip of the wand. It is warm and electric, and I almost drop it, but I’m so excited about the plant that I manage to hold on to it. It gets hotter, almost too hot.   I stand firm, and as I watch, the lower gem turns bright emerald green. A stream of life bursts forth, bursting off the brass plate, blinding me. I close my eyes against the brightness, but keep my hand grasped firmly around the wand. It shudders for a moment, but then, it steadies and cools.  The painful light outside my eyelids recedes into delicious coolness.

When I open my eyes, I see a tiny hawthorn sapling sitting on the brass plate. I point the wand at an area of dirt near the altar, and watch as a hole appears, just large enough for the sapling. I set the wand down, and plant the sapling in the hole, covering it with dirt. I look back at the altar. Something seems incomplete and I realize that I have used all the tools except the cup. I take a drink from the cup — pure fresh water that is somehow magical. But as I move away from the altar, the altar begins to shimmer. It is translucent; I can see the grass and dirt through it, and soon, it has disappeared. I am left holding only the cup.

I pour the rest of the water over the hawthorn. In just seconds it begins to grow, growing and spreading until it is fully grown. In the distance, I hear a dog barking, and out of the corner of my eye, I see a glint of silver from the chalice. I rest beside the hawthorn a moment, but I know I cannot stay.

It is time for the next adventure.

The End

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  8. Barbara Says:

    What a pretty adventure. I enjoyed the MC not knowing exactly what s/he was doing, yet still DOING. Well written.

  9. ravenofiernan Says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you like it.

  10. Elizabeth Says:

    Interesting concept. I like it. I look forward to reading more of these. 🙂

  11. ravenofiernan Says:

    Thank you! There will be more 🙂

  12. Juneta Says:

    Nicely done. Enjoyed reading.

  13. ravenofiernan Says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  14. J.Q. Rose Says:

    I love this magician. Very special.
    JQ Rose

  15. ravenofiernan Says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you like it!

  16. Bill Bush Says:

    Good job – enjoyed it. a lot!

  17. ravenofiernan Says:

    Thank you!

  18. Katharina Gerlach Says:

    This is a lovely story. Of course it’ll be even better with a tarot cared beside it. 😀

  19. ravenofiernan Says:

    Thank you! I agree, but I have wanted to make my own Tarot deck for a long time but can’t translate the images in my head to paper/screen/etc. Then, I realized I can do it with stories. Hence, the collection!

  20. Fanni S Says:

    I really like the idea of a Tarot collection! A lovely first piece.

  21. ravenofiernan Says:

    Thank you! Another story hit me on the head to get me started, but I’m glad I did.

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