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Posted by on December 26, 2014

I thought about following Michael Hyatt’s suggestion about blog post titles and calling this one “3 Steps to Spine-Tingling Titles,” but that’s not really what this post is about.  I mean, yes, I do explain how I got the idea, but really, I’m just excited I have one!

I’ve been tinkering with this novel, a murder set in a Bed and Breakfast, since this past summer, maybe June or even late May. I’ve been calling it “The Bed and Breakfast Mystery” or “Murder at the Bed and Breakfast,” but neither of those titles really called to me, especially since I might want to set another mystery there. So, I’ve been frustrated.

I was also frustrated at the end of November. The tinkering ended and real writing began in November for National Novel Writing Month, but I only got to about the half-way point at 61,000 words. First, that’s too long. I’m going to have to cut a lot of the thinking and analysing, as well as some of the scenes where too much is revealed to the reader (but which I included so I could figure stuff out). Second, well, the whole thing is a mess. Scenes are all over the place. I usually write in order, but this time, I added some early scenes later in the draft and didn’t move them. I also have one long “scene” that is actually several scenes that I want to split up. I decided to create a new Scrivener project into which I would start copying and pasting the scenes I AM keeping or MIGHT keep. But I kept procrastinating on it because I thought it would be cool to name the new project with the real title.

Stupid, I know. Thankfully, I got lucky. After trying to come up with a title based on the location or the main character, or even the main event that is happening at the Bed and Breakfast before the murder takes place, I finally started thinking about the murder itself and the victim: a newlywed falls (is pushed) down the stairs during her honeymoon from the Honeymoon Suite of the Bed and Breakfast.

I considered several different variations, but the one that just started singing to me was Honeymoon Fall. Obviously, the cover will have to make it clear that we’re talking about a fall down stairs rather than the season, but I’m just delighted to have a real working title. If this thing gets published traditionally, I know the publisher might change the title, but it’s at least a place to start. And it’s 100 times better than “Murder at the Bed and Breakfast.”

Readers, tell me: what do you think of this title?

Writers, tell me: how do you come up with titles?

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