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Come Sit With Me Awhile

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Pull up a chair, get something warm to drink, and make yourself comfortable.  I’m here to tell you stories.  I’m currently at an interesting spot in my journey as a writer.  I’ve long realized that writing is more to me than just a hobby, but that I don’t actually want to live entirely on my writing.  As a result, “real life” sometimes does take precedence over my writing, and I have, in the past, given it too many chances to distract me from my goals.  That said, I’ve taken my writing seriously for a long time.

The interesting spot I am in is not, then, that I’m suddenly serious about my writing.  No, what’s interesting now is that that seriousness has finally coalesced into more focused goals.  One of those goals is this blog.  I’ve started this blog in the hopes of becoming and remaining connected to the writing world and to my potential readers.  But I’m not going to lecture or market.  Those areas simply do not interest me.  Instead, I’m going to tell you stories about myself:  how I write, how I think, what I love, and what I do.  I will share stories about the books I love and the things I’ve learned from them.  I will tell you the story of my journey as a writer.

There will be five main types of posts:

Book Review:
These will be, yes, book reviews. They include ratings, a full review, and what I’ve learned from the book.

These will contain reflection or commentary about some real world event: publishing, current events, education, anything that interests me that I come across.

Something I’ve Learned:
These will describe in detail something I learned from either a book or an activity, usually already mentioned briefly in either a What I’m Doing or Book Review post. Posts here will go into detail into what I learned and how I learned it.

What I’m Doing:
These will describe what I’m doing currently or what my plan is for the current month. They will focus on any writing or other creative projects that hold my interest, as well as my Focus for the month. I will also usually include what I hope to learn from these projects.

What I’ve Done
These will celebrate or present something I have created, whether it is the cover of a book I’ve published, a recipe of a meal I enjoyed, or a picture of some other project I’ve completed, along with commentary about how it came to be.

This first post, however, obviously does not fit into any of those categories.  It is simply an introduction to what will come.

I hope you find relaxation, comfort, and something new here.