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Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Well, I was going to try to write a story for the blog hop, but alas, my writing right now is all focused on NaNoWriMo, so I’ve got nothing.

Okay, not entirely nothing.  Here are some links to some great stories!  I hope you find one you love.

Stories in the October 2017 Blog Hop:

  1. Till Death Us, by Fanni Sütő
  2. The Cloud, by Karen Lynn
  3. Data Corruption, by Barbara Lund
  4. Wish Granted, by Kami Bataya
  5. The Witch of Wall Street, by J. Q. Rose
  6. #StorytimeBloghop Grim Reapers on a Field Trip #FlashFiction #SFF, by J Lenni Dorner
  7. Unwelcome Vistors, by Bill Bush
  8. A Writer’s Morning, by Katharina Gerlach
  9. Unverified, by Erica Damon
  10. Tito’s to the Max, by Chris Makowski
  11. The Boon, by Juneta Key
  12. Sanctuary, by Elizabeth McCleary