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The Highwayman Came Riding . . .

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

My last idea came from the daily writing I’ve been doing and some musical inspiration. As I was writing about nothing and complaining about being bored, I was also listening to music. One of the songs that came on was Loreena McKennitt’s stunning musical rendition of Alfred Noyes’ poem, “The Highwayman.” As I was listening to the song, I thought that it would make a really great story, but that it starts and ends too fast. I started asking what if questions. What if the “highwayman” was really a woman in disguise? What if one of the soldiers raped Bess? What if her long-distant descendant decided to become a literature specialist on Tennyson and went to England for a sabbatical? What if her blood link to Bess and to the soldier activated the ghosts of the “highwayman” and the soldier, still caught in their old enmity? What if there was a man back home who didn’t really understand her fascination with British literature? What if she met a new man in England? Would the “highwayman” get jealous? Would the soldier want to hone her into his image?

I’m not sure where, if anywhere I will go with all these questions, but the mix of the ghost story with potential feminist themes, as well as the age-old argument about heroic thieves, corrupt police, and the common people stuck in between makes this an idea I’m sure I’ll return to.

That said, I have priorities. I will finish a revision this year. So, the Highwayman Story will have to wait. What I’ve learned, though, is that story ideas are there for me when I’m ready.

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Thank you to the anonymous poster who pointed out an error on this page. I’d mistakenly given Tennyson the credit for the poem.