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Dusting this off

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017


It has been awhile, hasn’t it?  Well, I’m going to just post a brief note about what I’m doing, and what I hope to do.

I’ve gotten back into my spirituality.  I’m pagan, but have been out of practice for a long time.  I have started up again with some basic routines, and am hoping to continue.

I’ve gotten back into my writing.  Specifically, I’ve been revising Cipher, the story of how grad student Harriet Davis becomes a spy/assassin/thief (still working out some of those details) as she is in Cipher’s Code, which I rewrote in November.

I’ve been reading large quantities of cozy mysteries, generously given to me by my mom’s friend.

I’m going to try to get back to blogging weekly.  Just something short.  I can do that.

Be well and best wishes to all.